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About Us.

We want girls and women to feel safe both in their own homes and in their communities.

In light of the murder of Ashling Murphy last year, Her Sport, Gorm Media and Human Collective joined forces to be part of change. This year we continue to seek change, raise awareness and fundraise. We are remembering Ashling and so many more women who were victims of gender based violence including the recent murders of Natalie McNally, Bruna Fonseca and Maud Coffey. Gender based violence is still happening. This needs to be taken seriously and change needs to happen. Together with your help, we are seeking to raise funds for Women’s Aid and start important conversations in society about the REAL issues girls and women face on a daily basis.


Call National Freephone Helpline

Women’s Aid is a leading national organisation that has been working to stop domestic violence in Ireland since 1974. They operate the 24hr National Freephone Helpline and a number of Dublin based face-face services. We also act for justice and social change through our specialised training, public awareness campaigns and policy work.


people took part in #SheWasGoingForARun in 2022.


different countries took part in the #SheWasGoingForARun campaign.