About Us.

Standing Together For All Women

We are committed to ensuring every girl and women feel safe both in their own homes and in their communities.

In light of the recent murder of Ashling Murphy, Her Sport, Gorm Media and Human Collective have joined forces to be part of change. Together with your help, we are seeking to raise funds for Women’s Aid and start conversations important conversations in society about the REAL issues girls and women face on a daily baiss.

Our Mission & Vision.

Who We Are



Gorm Media is an impact focused digital media company that curates common ground through conversations that matter. Gorm Media aims to spark a movement of unity and shared understanding through open conversation.


Her Sport is a digital brand, community and movement, centred around all things women’s sport. Our fundamental goal is to empower girls and women through the power of sport.


Human Collective are a collection of individuals who believe in spreading a message of equality and supporting social inclusion. Human Collective design Irish Urban Leisure clothing that’s environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive to achieve this.



In 2020 there were 24,893 disclosures of abuse against women.


Since 1996, 244 women have been killed with 87% of resolved cases being perpetrated by a man known to the victim.


60% of women have been harassed when running, with 6% having feared for their lives.

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Women’s Aid is a leading national organisation that has been working to stop domestic violence in Ireland since 1974. They operate the 24hr National Freephone Helpline and a number of Dublin based face-face services. We also act for justice and social change through our specialised training, public awareness campaigns and policy work.